Meet Your Wine Maker, Miro

I come from an ancient country with strong traditions in viticulture. I have been involved in winemaking for as long as I can remember. My father made wine, as did my grandfather and my great-grandfather before him. Although my family did not have acres and acres of vines, nor did they own a winery, their passion was authentic. They were regular folks that planted a vineyard and enjoyed the fruits of their labour. 

​So, come and make wine at Vinomiro in Kitchener. Here nothing is overlooked. I guarantee it!

Vinomiro in Kitchener

Wine Making Store

"We have been making wine for over 20 years.  Four years ago we tried Vinomiro.  It was the best move we ever made.  Miroslav has a passion for making good wine.  Anyone that tastes it agrees."

Helen and Dave Weber

Vinomiro opened its doors in 2009 and swiftly began to establish a loyal clientele. In 2013 and 2016 it was voted Best Wine Making Store by The Record readers. In 2014 and 2016 it was voted the Best again by Kitchener Post readers.

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Here at Vinomiro, you can make wine from the well-known wine kits or you can start your batch from 100% pasteurized grape must, with no water added. We also supply 100% fresh grape juice twice a year.

Bottling is a breeze at Vinomiro. The process is automated as much as it gets in today's make your wine stores. Sanitization is done by an automatic bottle washer, filling by an automatic bottle filler and corking by an automatic corker. Even shrink caps are shrunk automatically. It takes less than 30 minutes to bottle a batch of wine! And, loading and unloading the bottles to and from your car is also “automatic” – we do this for you.

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We are centrally located on Gage Avenue in Kitchener.