Mosti Mondiale’s Chile Fresco is available every Spring and provides home winemakers with premium fresh refrigerated grape musts from Chile.
With 8 varieties available, Chile’s exclusive winemaking offerings are proudly displayed within Mosti Mondiale’s Fresco brand, a brand that has been trusted by winemakers for over 25 years.

Chile has carved a niche for itself in the international wine market, by producing full bodied, soft tannin wine from fresh juice with a deep red color for the reds and a warm golden amber color for the whites. It is in this spirit that we offer you our selection of Chilean wine from the San Fernando Region. These juices have been inoculated with selected yeast strains prior to packaging.

The juice itself has been expertly balanced by Mosti Mondiale to ensure proper fermentation while at the same time assuring the outcome of the final product.

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Chile Fresco - 100% fresh refrigerated grape juice $189  HST included