Old Vine Zinfandel

Comprising solely of Old Vines picked from a single California vineyard, this extremely limited edition will present itself as a bright outgoing red filled with joy. Your senses will truly be tempted and delighted by the aromas and flavors of black cherries, currants, and berries. To ensure complete pleasure, these aromas and notes are followed by a perfectly balanced earthy finish. This full bodied red wine comprises of solid tannins that will surprise all winemakers with its noticeably long and elegant finish.

Alcohol: +/-12.5%
Food pairing: Savor anything red! Enjoy red meats, flavorful red pastas, lamb and burgers. For a true daring experience, enjoy with rich dark chocolates.
Serving: Between 15 degrees and 18 degrees celcius.
Comments: A dominating wine when young that ages extremely well when given the opportunity.

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